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Norman Johnston Alternate Program cultivates a unique learning environment. Staff and students work together to provide learning opportunities within a positive, goal-oriented, and student-centered learning community. Our mission is to enable each of our students to develop the attributes of a life-long learner. To accomplish this goal we focus on the whole student and provide for their academic social and emotional needs. Students are encouraged to find their own path to a promising future. We believe in them and they believe in us.

In order to do this, Norman Johnston offers a wide-range of courses to suit each students own needs. Pathways at Norman Johnston can lead you anywhere you want to go whether that be Workplace, College, or University!

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Courses Available at Norman Johnston (2022/23)
Some courses may be unavailable based prerequisties, staffing and/or time of the year
Subject Code Brief Description (if needed)
English 9
ENG 1P (CR only)
ENG 1D (CR only)
English 10
English 11
ENG 3E/3C (CR only)
NBE 3E FNMI Voices (counts for an gr 11 English compulsory)
NBE 3C FNMI Voices (counts for an gr 11 English compulsory)
NBE 3U FNMI Voices (counts for an gr 11 English compulsory)
English 12
OLC4O Literacy Course
EMS3O Media Studies
EWC4C Writers Craft
EWC4U Writers Craft
First Nations, Native, Metis & Inuit Studies
NAC2O FNMI in Canada
NBV3E FNMI World Views & Aspirations
Mathematics 9
MAT1L Locally developed math (9/10)
MFM1P (CR only)
MPM1D (CR only)
Mathematics 10
MFM2P (CR only)
Mathematics 11
MEL3E Essential Math (11)
MBF3C Foundations of College math (11)
MCF3M Functions & Applications
MCR3U Functions & Advanced Functions (11)
Mathematics 12
MEL4E Essential Math (12)
MAP4C Foundations of College math (12)
MHF4U Functions & Advanced Functions (12)
MCV4U Calculus & Vectors
Science 9
SNC1P (CR only)
SNC1D (CR only)
Science 10
Science 11
SVN3E* Environmental Science (+CGR4E)
SBI3C Biology (11)
SBI3U Biology (11)
SCH3U Chemistry (11)
SPH3U Physics (11)
Science 12
SNC4E Essential Science (12)
SCH4C Chemistry (12)
SPH4C Physics (12)
SNC4M General Science (Pathogens and Disease, Medical Technologies, Biotechnologies and Nutritional Science)
SBI4U Biology (12)
SCH4U (Fall 2022) Chemistry (12)
Art 9/10
AWQ2O Photography (10)
AWA2O Crafts 10
Art 11
AWA3O Crafts 11
Art 12
AWQ4M Photography (12)
AWU4M Portfolio (12)
AWM4M Painting & Drawing
BBI2O Introduction to Business
BMX3E Marketing & Retail
BDI3C Entrepreneurship
BMI3C Marketing
BAF3M Accounting Essentials
BAT4M Financial Accounting Priniciples
BBB4M International Business Fundamentals
BBB4E International Business Essentials
BOH4M Business Leadership/Management
Canadian & World studies 9/10
CGC1P (CR only) Canadian Geography (9)
CGC1D (CR only) Canadian Geography (9)
CGC1W Canadian Geography (9)
CHV2O Civics & Citizenship (10)
CHC2L Canadian History (10)
CHC2P Canadian History (10)
CHC2D Canadian History (10)
Canadian & World studies 11
CGG3O Travel & Tourism (Geographic perspective)
CHT3O World History (since 1900; Global & regional interactions)
CLU3E Understanding Canadian Law in Everyday Life
CLU3M Canadian & International Law
CHA3U American History
CHW3M World History (until end of 15th century)
Canadian & World studies 12
CGR4E* Environmental geography (+SVN3E)
CGR4M Environmental geography
CGW4U World Issues
CIC4E Making Personal Economic Choices
CLN4U Understanding Canadian Law
CLN4C Legal Studies
CHY4C World History (since 15th century)
CHY4U World History (since 15th century)
CPW4U Canadian & International Politics
CHI4U Canada: History, Identity, & Culture
TPJ20 Healthcare
TPJ4E Healthcare
THH3E, THH4E Horticulture (BLOCK fall/spring only)
Guidance Courses
GPP3O Peer Support
GLC2O Careers
GLE2O, 3O, 4O Learning Strategies
GWL3O Designing your future
GLD2O, GLN4O Exploring & Navigating the Workplace
GLS1O, 4O Learning Strategies
Social Science & Humanities 9/10
HIF1O or HIF2O* Exploring Family Studies (+HHD3O)
HFN1O or HFN2O Food & Nutrition (CR ONLY or combined credit)
HNL2O* Understanding Fashion (+HNC3C)
Social Science & Humanities 11
HNC3C* Clothing (+HNL2O)
HHD3O* Dynamics of Human Relationships (+HIF2O+HFL4E)
HPC3O* Raising Healthy Children (+HPW3C)
HPW3C* Working with Chidlren & Youth (+HPC3O)
HIP4O Personal Life Management (Lifeskills BLOCKED)
HRF3O World Religions & Belief Traditions in Daily Life
HFC3E Food & Culture
HSE3E Equity & Social Justice
HSP3C/U Intro, to Anthropology, Psychology, & Sociology
HRT3M World Religions & Belief Traditions: Perspectives, Issues, & Challenges
HSG3M Gender Studies
HZB3M (CR only) Philosphy: The Big Questions
Social Science & Humanities 12
HFL4E* Food & Healthy Living (optional add on to HHD/HIF)
HRE4M Religion (Church & Culture)
HHS4C Families & Canada
HHS4U Families & Canada
HSB4U Challenge & Change in Society
HSE4M Equity & Social Justice: Theory -Practice
HZT4U Philosophy: Questions & Theories
Physical Education PPL10, PPL2O, PPL3O, PPL4O Healthy Active Living (9 - 12)
Personal Fitness PAF2O, PAF3O, PAF4O Personal Fitness (10 -1 2)
Outdoor Ed. PAD2O, PAD3O, PAD4O Outdoor Education (10 - 12) SEE MARK
PPZ3C Health for life
PSK4U Introduction to Kinesiology
Cooperative Education
Coop- regular Coop linked to a related course & a career interest
Coop- specialized Coop your existing job & get credits while making money!
DCO3O Exploring Job Opportunities
Interdisciplinary Studies IDC3O Build-a-Credit (your choice of 4 unique modules): Gardening, Fake News, Craft, Making Money, Health and Wellbeing, Fast Fashion, Infant Language Development, Getting a Job, Let's Go to Jamaica, Outdoors 101, Creative Writing & Mental Health, Tiny Homes
Music Various Courses offered, see Dustin for more info!

*Done as a blended course (2+ credits concurrently)
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