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"Find the best version of you!"

Flexible schedules, workplace opportunities, smaller classes and self-paced learning are some of the reasons students may choose to attend one of our five schools. The Alternate Program is primarily an independent learning environment where students complete one credit at a time and at their own pace. Students work collaboratively with their teachers to create individualized timelines and develop their learning strategies. In addition, the program offers students the opportunity to learn experientially through a variety of academic programs such as cooperative education, leadership, music, art, gardening, food & nutrition, and housebuilding.

Most students entering an Alternate Program will start by participating in the intensive five week "Lifeskills" course. This course focuses on helping students understand themselves, their relationships, and their responsibilities through a range of activities emphasizing students' social-emotional development and well-being.

The alternate program offers the same credits as a traditional program and students graduate with either an OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) or an OSSC (Ontario Secondary School Certificate). Each year graduates from the Alternate Program go on to attend college and university while others choose to pursue apprenticeships or head into the world of work.

​Talking to Students:

"I've never  enjoyed school but going to  Norman Johnston changed all that. The people and staff are all great and everyone makes it a fun and comfortable environment to be in! Amazing!"

"Before I came to Norman Johnston, I didn’t go to school very often because I hated the environment. I found the students very judgemental and the teachers didn’t teach in a way that worked for me. I’ve been at Norman Johnston now for four weeks and my experience here has been good so far. I hope to finish high school here and then be a photographer or work in a trade."

"School hadn’t been nice or fun for me until I came to Norman Johnston and now I love school."


"...Switching to a school offering independent learning has been the best decision I’ve made for my education. I will most definitely be graduating in the near future and I can think of what’s ahead with excitement."


"Before I came to Norman Johnston I went to ... the worst school ever. I felt judged everyday, so I told the principal that I would either go to an alternate school or drop out.  I was very depressed and had extreme anxiety. They finally came up with the conclusion to make me go to Norman Johnston. Best decision of my life. I actually can work very well here and I get what I’m being taught. I’ve learned how to deal with my anxiety and my depression has gone down immensely. I’ll be very sad to leave this year and I will miss it very much. Next year, I am hoping to go to Algonquin college for nursing and psychology."


"I never really liked school before.  I barely showed up and If I did I’d end up ditching later on in the day. Now that I’m at Norman Johnston, I’ve been really good with school. The environment  and the way teachers interact with students makes it a whole lot easier for me to learn. I hope to graduate as soon as possible, it will help me become more successful in whatever path I choose to follow.


"Before I came to Norman Johnston I wasn’t going to school much because I had bad anxiety but since being in NJ’s life skills class I’ve had much better attendance.  The environment is very stress free and teachers are willing to compromise."


"It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed going to school. Everybody is super genuine and that makes you feel comfortable about actually showing up. I used to struggle getting to school because of my anxiety and the way it made me act. It’s weird to think I didn’t care about my education three years ago, and now I’m actually stepping it up. I’ve met so many awesome people."


"I wasn't excited for the start of school but I am really happy to say that so far I’m really enjoying myself at NJ.  I like the people here,  teachers and students have been really nice and accommodating. I like it a lot better than my old school."


"I always found it difficult to go to school but, that’s all different now that I have had positive experience here at Norman Johnston. I look forward to graduating from here!"


"I've hated school, ever since grade 7. Last year was the worst. I started skipping classes, then days, then weeks and three months before school was over I dropped out. My friends and people from school would ask me why I don't come to school, and I would lie and say that I was doing it online.. I lied because I was embarrassed. But then I signed up for Norman and everything changed. School is a lot easier for me and I come pretty much everyday and work really hard."


"I’ve  struggled with anxiety. I used to get judged for that, but now I  go to Norman Johnston and I feel happier than ever. I used to have no friends,  but at Norman Johnston I have friends. I feel accepted here, and I have faith in myself and pride for moving on with  my education."


"Since I started high school I never really cared about grades or school in general and I was consistently failing….. But this year I pulled my head out of the ground and starting working at Norman. Honestly Norman has changed me as a person and made me realize that this school is meant for me. Without Norman Johnson, I don't know where I'd be in life.



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