Student Testimonials

“Coming to Norman Johnston has changed the trajectory of my high school experience by 180 degrees. I am more relaxed and have a more positive outlook on education, to the point that it is fun.”

“I feel more capable to do my school work because this school is perfect for the way I learn: one-on-one.”

"Four years later, I am still continually praising Norman Johnston. The staff, environment, and values of NJ taught me to love learning. It may initially sound minor but to a teenager battling poor mental health and struggling with self-love, it was an opportunity that changed the course of my life. A type of gratitude words cannot begin to describe. Prior to NJ I never thought I would attend a post-secondary education although I am now completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology! Love NJ! "

"I attended Norman Johnston for grades 11 and 12. My experience at this school was very positive, and I benefited greatly from the environment this school provides. It almost didn't feel like school. I was always busy and taking advantage of all the school activities and clubs like the outdoor education program, the crafts course, the cooking class, and working out and doing yoga with Laura. I was struggling a lot with personal development when I attended Norman, and the staff went above and beyond with providing support and advice throughout the two years I was there. They provided wonderful life advice, and most importantly, the staff were patient and forgiving, which allowed me to progress at my own pace, without feeling judged or rushed. 

I went from struggling to get through a day of school at a public school, to thriving, and getting straight A's at Norman. I owe this to the small class sizes, the structure the work is given to students, and the supportive and accommodating teachers the school has. I would recommend Norman Johnston to anyone that struggles with the regular public school system. There are so many benefits to the alternative program, and I know it can be tremendously beneficial if you give it a try. 

It has been six years since I've graduated, and I'm currently travelling the West Coast alone in my car, and soon starting a job as a hiking guide on the West Coast trail in Vancouver Island. I owe many thanks to this school for pushing me in the right direction, and I've been doing much better since I stepped into those school doors 8 years ago. "

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