Business Department

The Norman Johnston Business program is always evolving. We strive to offer current courses and as much real world experiences as possible. We have business guest speakers who come and visit our classes.  We run in school business simulation competitions that align with Global Entrepreneurship Week and National Entrepreneurship Week. Also, we have made a partnership with Carleton University and Algonquin College to join their business competitions when they are being offered. 

We encourage everyone to try a business course, you will never know if business is for you unless you try a course. 

Main Course Offerings 

BBI20 - Introduction to Business, Grade 10 Open 

Introduction to the world of business.

Prerequisite - none

BDI3C - Entrepreneurship the Venture: Grade 11 College Preparation

Starting and running a business.

Prerequisite - none

BMI3C - Marketing: Goods, Services, Events, Grade 11 College Preparation

Introduction to the fundamentals of marketing.

Prerequisite - none

BMX3E - Marketing: Retail and Service, Grade 11 Workplace Preparation

Retail and service sector operations and customer service.

Prerequisite - none

BBB4E - International Business Essentials, Grade 12 Workplace Preparation

Introduction to conducting business in the global market. 

Prerequisite - none

BAF3M - Financial Accounting Fundamentals, Grade 11 University/College Preparation

Introduction to the fundamental principles and procedures of accounting.

Prerequisite - none

BAT4M - Financial Accounting Principles, Grade 12 University/College Preparation 

Advanced accounting principles for post-secondary studies.

Prerequisite - BAF3M

BBB4M - International Business Fundamentals, Grade 12 University/College Preparation

Deals with the importance of international trade and influential factors.

Prerequisite - none

BOH4M - Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals, Grade 12 University/College Preparation

This course focuses on the development of leadership skills used in managing a successful business. 

Prerequisite - none

CIC4E - Making Personal Economic Choices, Grade 12 Workplace Preparation

Students will examine practical financial matters, such as personal budgeting, taxes, credit and debt, savings and investment, as well as various economic issues, and consumer behaviour. 

Prerequisite: Canadian History since World War I, Grade 10, Academic or Applied, or the locally developed compulsory course (LDCC) in Canadian history

CLU3M - Understanding Canadian Law, Grade 11 University/College Preparation

This course explores Canadian law, with a focus on legal issues that are relevant to the lives of people in Canada. 

Prerequisite: Canadian History since World War I, Grade 10, Academic or Applied

CLU3E - Understanding Canadian Law in Everyday Life, Grade 11 Workplace Preparation

This course enables students to develop a practical understanding of laws that affect the everyday lives of people in Canada, including their own lives. 

Prerequisite: Canadian History since World War I, Grade 10, Academic or Applied, or the locally developed compulsory course (LDCC) in Canadian history

CLN4U - Canadian and International Law, Grade 12 University Preparation 

This course explores a range of contemporary legal issues and how they are addressed in both Canadian and international law

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course in Canadian and world studies, English, or social sciences and humanities.

CGG3O - Travel and Tourism, Grade 11 Open

This course focuses on issues related to travel and tourism within and between various regions of the world. 

Prerequisite: Issues in Canadian Geography, Grade 9, Academic or Applied

Coop - Business placements - all levels

 Business Certificates

Business Certificates are offered for those students who would like to focus their studies and pursue a concentration in business. As well as increasing your business knowledge a Business Certificate is a great resume enhancer that will increase your marketability to potential business employers.  

OCDSB Business Certificate - Academic

To achieve this certificate students must complete a minimum of 6 business credits.

Basic Requirements: 

  • Minimum 50% in all Business courses
  • Honours awarded for an 80% average for all 6 accepted courses
  • Maximum 2 credits from Co-op that must directly relate to a business field
  • Minimum 1 business credit from grades 9 or 10
  • Minimum 3 business credits from grades 11 or 12
  • All credits need to be Open(O), College(C), or University(U) level 

OCDSB Business Certificate - Workplace

To achieve this certificate students must complete 8 Business courses or courses that are considered relevant to the business world.

Basic Requirements: 

  • Minimum of 50% in each course
  • Honours awarded for 80% average of all 8 accepted courses
  • Maximum 3 credits from coop that must be directly related to the business field
  • Minimum - 1 business credit from Grade 9 or 10
  • Minimum - 4 business credit from Grade 11 or 12 

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